Alex Barnet, a peer of mine at UTS, created this beautiful and evocative animation for his Honours majorwork. He asked me to score the piece. This is what he says about the project:

"What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Artificial Intelligence? The Terminator? The Jetsons? For many, A.I. is a world away from being a reality. Movies and newspapers paint a shallow picture of what it could be for society.

With many experts predicting a Human Level A.I. to be achieved by 2050, we need to stop thinking in terms of John Connor and HAL 9000. Human Level A.I. has the potential to tackle complexities like climate change, overpopulation and economic collapse. Some academics like Nick Bostrom propose that A.I. could threaten our way of life- not because it is evil, but because we would get in its way.

Evidently there’s a world of fascinating research about A.I.- but most people never see this side. My project aims to communicate the potential of A.I. in an engaging way, whilst avoiding the hysteria that usually surrounds it.

A.I. has a real potential to spiral out of human control. We need to move forward with as much information as possible about the subject, in order to avoid a Pandora’s Box situation."


Alex Barnet

Alex Barnet, Lachlan Mackenzie

Hugh O'Brien

Voice Over
Strangest Amethyst

Alex Barnet

Special Thanks
Esther Chung